Slide Mod

So, to re-state the mission: In order to get to the fridge/sink I need to open the large salon slide. But before that moves the opposing slide moves first. In or out.As we all know, finding 14′ (plus clearance) wide parking in a truck stop or rest area does not happen very often. So in that case I need a foot or so on the big slide and another foot on the bedroom. So I need the keep the smaller hydraulic slide from moving.Talked to Heartland and they were not willing to discuss ANY kind of modification. “As per engineering….” prefaces every statement. They were also not responsive to my request for schematics.The next call to LCI was better, although he also had no data on my particular system. They just sell the bits to Heartland. He did say to look for a lockout valve. Pressure comes from a single electrically operated source on the pump then goes to a splitter with manual lockout valve(s). Here slides can be locked out. Haven’t found it yet…. Has anyone? Are they installed on our units?He also explained that if there isn’t one the slide with the least resistance goes first. Simple as that. So in this case I would have to install a few valves to lock out the one slide.He also explained that if I were to open the little (“first”) slide against a tree, it would stop and the other one would start. This gave me the idea that I can simply install a mechanical lock on the small slide……. Any (educated) thoughts on that would be appreciated.The quest continues.

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