Truck Camper

The what? The truck camper. When you’re going to your friends house in Albany for a wedding you can’t just put a 45×14′ camper in their driveway, IF you can even get it down their street. (I’ve had some interesting efforts) So, since we already had a stout truck, the answer was simple: A truck camper. Not an original idea. We did this the last time we had a toy hauler/truck. The new ones were awful and stupid expensive. (Tail of the COVID madness). Then I found this clean 2015 Eagle Cap…..for a I price I could live with.

As parked in seller’s driveway.

As parked in the front yard of my friend in Albany for his wedding…..

First thing we did add was a LOT of battery power and an inverter…. Well, actually we didn’t add it to the Eagle Cap, we added it to the truck…. Writeup is in the fifth wheel section: read here.

I also made a trailer for it, which makes it easier to move around without having to load it on the truck which does take a little time….