This is part of the Inverter Power project.

LiFePO4, no question. Less weight, a LOT more available power per volume, faster charge/discharge rates, many more discharge cycles (life expectancy). But what about fire? These are NOT Lithium Ion…. there is a difference. LIPs are generally a LOT safer. If they have a decent Battery Management System…. the brain in every battery that wrangles the electrons. Watch Youtuber Will Prowse…. EXCELLENT videos on batteries, inverters, solar…. all that.

But which ones…. there is a SEA of cheapos…. 12V100A under $500….. Then there’s the other end…. Battleboro… $1000 plus. (But that’s down from $2,500 not THAT long ago……..) As stated, it all hinges around the quality of the components: BMS, bus ties, protection etc….

Long story short, I went with Renogy. They have a halfway decent reputation and they are lower-mid cost. Will Prowse doesn’t hate them. I picked these, because I can talk to them via Bluetooth to ascertain state of charge (SOC) and which way it’s heading and how fast. This saves having to put in a battery monitor. I think they are a decent value.

Size wize…. I looked at the 200A versions and they would not puzzle nicely into the space. I also looked at 24V because it’s a lot easier on the wiring, but the reduction in available components resulted in less competition and thus higher prices.

Here’s how they appear on the app. Only gripe there is that EVERY time you leave the app, I didn’t say close, I mean going to another page like the Victron, you have to wait for the batteries to reload.

You can click on each battery to see more detail:

Here’s how they fit:

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