Inverter Power

The batteries in the Toy Hauler are small. Too small. (250Ah total in two batteries, 125 at 50% * 12V = 1500W) Without shore power I can’t get through the night with fridge and furnace. Getting up at 3am to silence the alarms and start the generator is a pain. Sooooo more power Captain. Whole house power. Every TV and outlet. And the fridge and maaaaayyyyyybe a few hours of AC….. Turns out we have the same need on the Eagle Cap Truck Camper. And, I also have a habit of messing with trailer tires in farm fields so I need a compressor etc. there…… Carrying a gas generator and fuel is a pain. Lastly, with a few solar panels on the roof of the fiver I could be set up for some serious boon docking……..

Yes, those are all three separate units. So a LOT of duplication. And that’s money, a lot of it. Wait, how about putting it all in the truck….. Feed the fiver, the TC and whatever power tools I want to throw at it……And, the ol’ Cummins can help keep the batteries topped off. So that’s what I did.