Redecorating the Truck

This is step one in the Inverter Power project.

So the next question was: where in the truck can I hide LiFePO4 batteries, and inverter/charger, a DC to DC charger and assorted fuses, shutoffs and cabling…….

If you get under the RAM 3500 DRW with a creeper, you will find TONS of space in the fat bed and dually wheel wells. Tempting. One problem. LIP doesn’t charge below freezing. So they have to be enclosed and heated. Or get the heated batteries. But those don’t BlueTooth at this time. Then the lightbulb went off. It’s me and the wife and two puppies in 30″ travel crates. We don’t need no stinkin’ back seat. And out they came.

I promised myself not to butcher the truck in this project so using all existing holes from the seat mounts and threaded rods I installed some framing.

Further built up and a head board:

Some flooring:

To finish it off I put a fiddle all around the platform, a “headboard” in the back, a nice carpet remnant on top and some decorative lattice on the side……

Ready for Travel. (We use cheap towels as crate padding. They absorb any bio hazards and go right into the washer……

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