AC Ammeters

With the Inverter Project done, I wanted a way to see the amount of AC power I was using in order to better manage load and battery life. So while I had worked my way into the back side of the AC and DC distribution panels I installed two Blue Sea AC Ammeters. Yes, they are analog, but they are a VERY good brand from the marine world and more than accurate enough. I trust them more than the cheapo digitals and while I could drop more coin on Victron toys I decided to put these in. They are VERY simple. All you do is slide the coil over the Line in (the “Hot” line). Of course there are two lines in so you need two. And yes you have to remove them from the breakers and peel back some insulation to get them on there. Kinda finicky as there is also the automatic load shedding coil in there. If you want background lights there’s two wires. And since I was right next to the DC fuse block, with space available, I said why not. With an on off switch on a pretty mahogany panel. And while I was there I added a USB outlet. For the thousands of things we have that need charging.

One more thing….. As stated above, there are two “legs” coming into the unit. Line 1 and Line 2. With 50A shore power available this is actually a total of 100A. Now, on 30A, or inverter it’s a lot less. And, at home I have two times 20A available from a welding outlet. So, it’s not only important to know how much everything draws, but also on which leg it is so you don’t turn on everything on one leg with only 20A coming in. Starting from the left they alternate….. L-1 and L-2

So I labeled them and made a handy laminated reference card…….

The “Pass through Outlet” is part of the Inverter Power installation.